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Diamond And Fire

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Diamond Buying Guide. Diamond Light Performance Imaging. Ritani Verragio. Tacori Vatche. Valoria Danhov. Find My Ring Size.

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Simon G Jewelry Tacori Jewelry. Diamond Fire — What exactly is it and how does it come about? By Bryan Boyne g. When we think about what makes a diamond beautiful, two words generally come to mind; fire and brilliance.

Most people tend to think of them as one-in-the-same — basically the degree to which the diamond sparkles. But the two are actually distinct optical aspects.

Brilliance can be thought of as brightness and scintillation; small flashes of bright white light. Fire is the dispersion of white light into rainbow colors as a result of refraction.

It is therefore best to think of brilliance as white sparkles, and fire as color sparkles. Visible light is part of a spectrum of electromagnetic energy that travels in waves.

White light is made up of many wavelengths, each corresponding to a specific color. When light enters a transparent substance such as water, glass, or diamond, it slows down significantly.

Upon exiting the material back into air it speeds up again. The video above is a comparison of two diamonds of different cut qualities, set side by side for the purposes of evaluating their ability to produce fire events in a lighting environment conducive to seeing this effect.

The diamond on the left is a 0. Experiencing fire in a diamond is similar to seeing a rainbow after a rain shower. It is always remarkable in its beauty and fleeting in its presence, which makes it all the more special.

In a rainbow, the water vapor in the atmosphere acts as a prism as light travels through it. A faceted diamond also acts as a prism as light slows down upon entering and speeds up upon exiting the facets.

When a light beam traveling at , miles per second goes from air and enters a transparent material such as glass or diamond, it is slowed down considerably.

Diamond happens to have a very high refractive index. The higher the refractive index, the greater the potential for dispersion. While diamond therefore has a very high potential to exhibit fire, the quality of the cut is the key to whether that fire potential is realized.

The Role of Diamond Proportions. Through ray tracing it is possible to calculate the amount and location of dispersion of the light that the diamond is returning to the eye.

The basic proportions must be within a relatively narrow range to provide a foundation for the generation of significant fire.

The Role of the Light Source. Our ability to observe fire also requires the proper lighting conditions. Like the aftermath of a rain shower that does not produce a rainbow, a well cut diamond in certain types of lighting environments will not produce fire.

Singular, direct light sources of small angular size are more likely to produce fire than large diffuse sources.

Outdoors, in direct sunlight, a diamond can exhibit excellent fire. However, if there is cloud cover, the light will be diffused.

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Diamonds are such a highly traded commodity that multiple organizations have been created for grading and certifying them based on the "four Cs", which are color, cut, clarity, and carat.

Other characteristics, such as presence or lack of fluorescence , also affect the desirability and thus the value of a diamond used for jewelry.

Diamonds are used in engagement rings. The practice is documented among European aristocracy as early as the 15th century, though ruby and sapphire were more desirable gemstones.

The modern popularity of diamonds was largely created by De Beers Consolidated Mines , which established the first large-scale diamonds mines in South Africa.

Through an advertising campaign beginning in the s and continuing into the midth century, De Beers made diamonds into a key part of the betrothal process and a coveted symbol of status.

The diamond's high value has been the driving force behind dictators and revolutionary entities, especially in Africa, using slave and child labor to mine blood diamonds to fund conflicts.

The process of diamonds being used for drilling ornamental beads dates back to 2nd millennium BC. Archaeologists working in Yemen have excavated beads with evidences of diamond drilling from BC to 1st century AD from the site of Hajar ar Rayhani, while double diamond drilling from 7th century BC.

Early references to diamonds in India come from Sanskrit texts. Diamonds were traded to the east and west of India and were recognized by various cultures for their gemmological or industrial uses.

In his work Naturalis Historia , the Roman writer Pliny the Elder noted diamond's ornamental uses, as well as its usefulness to engravers because of its hardness.

It is however highly doubtful that Pliny meant diamonds, and it is assumed that in fact several minerals such as corundum , spinel , or even a mixture with magnetite were all referred to by the word "adamas".

Diamonds eventually spread throughout the world, even though India had remained the only major source of the gemstone until diamonds were discovered in Brazil in The modern era of diamond mining began in the s in Kimberley , South Africa with the opening of the first large-scale diamond mine.

In , an even larger This sparked off the famous "New Rush" and within a month, claims were cut into the hillock which were worked frenetically by two to three thousand men.

As the land was lowered so the hillock became a mine—in time, the world-renowned Kimberley Mine. In , the two companies merged to form De Beers Consolidated Mines , which once had a monopoly over the world's diamond market.

The diamond cutters of Antwerp are world renowned for their skill. More than 12, expert cutters and polishers are at work in the Diamond District , at workshops, serving 1, firms and 3, brokers and merchants.

In the 21st century, the technology to produce perfect diamonds synthetically was developed. Diamonds produced by the latest technologies are visually identical to mined, naturally occurring diamonds.

It is too early to assess the effect of future wide availability of gem-quality synthetic diamonds on the diamond market, although the traditional diamond industry has taken steps to try to create a distinction between diamonds dug from the ground and diamonds made in a factory, in part by downplaying the fact that diamonds from both sources are actually visually identical.

The most familiar usage of diamonds today is as gemstones used for adornment —a usage which dates back into antiquity.

The dispersion of white light into spectral colors is the primary gemological characteristic of gem diamonds. In the twentieth century, gemologists have developed methods of grading diamonds and other gemstones based on the characteristics most important to their value as a gem.

Four characteristics known informally as the "four Cs" are now commonly used as the basic descriptors of diamonds: carat, cut, color, and clarity.

This system was developed by Gemological Institute of America in as internationally recognized standard to evaluate diamonds characteristics.

Most gem diamonds are traded on the wholesale market based on single values for each of the four Cs; for example knowing that a diamond is rated as 1.

More detailed information from within each characteristic is used to determine actual market value for individual stones. Consumers who purchase individual diamonds are often advised to use the four Cs to pick the diamond that is "right" for them.

Other characteristics also influence the value and appearance of a gem diamond. These include physical characteristics such as the presence of fluorescence as well as the diamond's source and which gemological institute evaluated the diamond.

Cleanliness also dramatically affects a diamond's beauty. There are two major non-profit gemological associations which grade and provide reports, informally referred to by the term certificate or cert , which is a misnomer for many grading reports on diamonds; while carat weight and cut angles are mathematically defined, the clarity and color are judged by the trained human eye and are therefore open to slight variance in interpretation.

These associations are listed below. Within the last two decades, a number of for-profit gemological grading laboratories have also been established, many of them also based in Antwerp or New York.

These entities serve to provide similar services as the non-profit associations above, but in a less expensive and more timely fashion. They produce certificates that are similar to those of the GIA.

The carat weight measures the mass of a diamond. One carat is defined as milligrams about 0. The point unit—equal to one one-hundredth of a carat 0.

All else being equal, the price per carat increases with carat weight, since larger diamonds are both rarer and more desirable for use as gemstones.

The price per carat does not increase linearly with increasing size. Instead, there are sharp jumps around milestone carat weights, as demand is much higher for diamonds weighing just more than a milestone than for those weighing just less.

As an example, a 0. Jewelers often trade diamonds at negotiated discounts off the Rapaport price e. In the wholesale trade of gem diamonds, carat is often used in denominating lots of diamonds for sale.

Because of this, diamond prices particularly among wholesalers and other industry professionals are often quoted per carat, rather than per stone.

Total carat weight t. Diamond solitaire earrings, for example, are usually quoted in t. Clarity is a measure of internal defects of a diamond called inclusions.

Inclusions may be crystals of a foreign material or another diamond crystal, or structural imperfections such as tiny cracks that can appear whitish or cloudy.

The number, size, color, relative location, orientation, and visibility of inclusions can all affect the relative clarity of a diamond. Diamonds become increasingly rare when considering higher clarity gradings.

Those that do not have a visible inclusion are known as "eye-clean" and are preferred by most buyers, although visible inclusions can sometimes be hidden under the setting in a piece of jewelry.

Most inclusions present in gem-quality diamonds do not affect the diamonds' performance or structural integrity. When set in jewelry, it may also be possible to hide certain inclusion behind mounting hardware such as prongs in a way that renders the defect invisible.

However, large clouds can affect a diamond's ability to transmit and scatter light. Large cracks close to or breaking the surface may increase the likelihood of a fracture.

The finest quality as per color grading is totally colorless, which is graded as D color diamond across the globe, meaning it is absolutely free from any color.

However, when studded in jewellery these very light colored diamonds do not show any color or it is not possible to make out color shades.

These are graded as E color or F color diamonds. Diamonds which show very little traces of color are graded as G or H color diamonds.

Slightly colored diamonds are graded as I or J or K color. A diamond can be found in any color in addition to colorless.

Some of the colored diamonds, such as pink, are very rare. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond is perfectly transparent with no hue , or color.

However, in reality most gem-sized natural diamonds are imperfect. Depending on the hue and intensity of a diamond's coloration, a diamond's color can either detract from or enhance its value.

For example, most white diamonds are discounted in price as a more yellow hue is detectable, while intense pink or blue diamonds such as the Hope Diamond can be dramatically more valuable.

The Aurora Diamond Collection displays a spectacular array of naturally colored diamonds , which occur in every color of the rainbow.

Most diamonds used as gemstones are basically transparent with little tint, or white diamonds. The most common impurity, nitrogen , replaces a small proportion of carbon atoms in a diamond's structure and causes a yellowish to brownish tint.

The GIA has developed a rating system for color in white diamonds, from D to Z with D being "colorless" and Z having a bright yellow coloration , which has been widely adopted in the industry and is universally recognized, superseding several older systems.

The GIA system uses a benchmark set of natural diamonds of known color grade, along with standardized and carefully controlled lighting conditions.

Diamonds with higher color grades are rarer, in higher demand, and therefore more expensive, than lower color grades. Oddly enough, diamonds graded Z are also rare, and the bright yellow color is also highly valued.

N—Y usually appear light yellow or brown. In contrast to yellow or brown hues, diamonds of other colors are more rare and valuable.

While even a pale pink or blue hue may increase the value of a diamond, more intense coloration is usually considered more desirable and commands the highest prices.

A variety of impurities and structural imperfections cause different colors in diamonds, including yellow, pink, blue, red, green, brown, and other hues.

Black diamond's natural form is known as Carbonado , the toughest form of the diamond which is porous and difficult to cut.

Black diamonds are natural, man-made, treated black diamonds. Some black diamonds are expensive than other types of black diamonds because of the quality, durability, production cost, and few other factors.

Intense yellow coloration is considered one of the fancy colors, and is separate from the color grades of white diamonds. Gemologists have developed rating systems for fancy colored diamonds, but they are not in common use because of the relative rarity of such diamonds.

Diamond cutting is the art and science of creating a gem-quality diamond out of mined rough. The cut of a diamond describes the manner in which a diamond has been shaped and polished from its beginning form as a rough stone to its final gem proportions.

The cut of a diamond describes the quality of workmanship and the angles to which a diamond is cut.

Often diamond cut is confused with "shape". There are mathematical guidelines for the angles and length ratios at which the diamond is supposed to be cut in order to reflect the maximum amount of light.

Round brilliant diamonds, the most common, are guided by these specific guidelines, though fancy cut stones are not able to be as accurately guided by mathematical specifics.

The techniques for cutting diamonds have been developed over hundreds of years, with perhaps the greatest achievements made in by mathematician and gem enthusiast Marcel Tolkowsky.

He developed the round brilliant cut by calculating the ideal shape to return and scatter light when a diamond is viewed from above.

The modern round brilliant has 57 facets polished faces , counting 33 on the crown the top half , and 24 on the pavilion the lower half. The girdle is the thin middle part.

The function of the crown is to refract light into various colors and the pavilion's function to reflect light back through the top of the diamond.

The culet is the tiny point or facet at the bottom of the diamond. This should be a negligible diameter, otherwise light leaks out of the bottom.

Tolkowsky's calculations included neither a culet nor a girdle.

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